Increase fruit and veggie intake to win!

Aimed at encouraging students to eat more fruit and veg at home and to bring more fruit and veg to school each day to enjoy, the Healthy Eats Passport Competition provides an opportunity for students to not only increase consumption but it also promotes an environment for kids to try new fruits and veg.  

Combining a healthy, competitive element that kids love, and run over four consecutive weeks, the Healthy Eats Passport Competition will have students bursting to record their numbers so that they can see where their class is ranked on the leader board at the end of each week!


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Resources for the Healthy Eats Passport competition

The Healthy Eats Passport Competition by Life Education Queensland fosters positive peer support as children work together to encourage each other to get their daily serves of 5 vegetables and 2 fruit to be well on their way to eat the rainbow.

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