Supporting students into high school

Life Ed Qld works in partnerships with schools and teachers across the state to support and reinforce the important health messages being taught at home and in the classroom.

Each module presents core knowledge and skills in a fun, inter-active and age appropriate manner. Our secondary programs focus on:

  • Personal safety
  • Puberty and sexual health
  • Respectful relationships and emotional wellbeing
  • Cybersafety and strategies to combat cyber-bullying
  • The effects of smoking and alcohol on the body
  • Legal and illegal drugs.



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Secondary Modules

Talk About It

Life Education Queensland Healthy Harold Sexual Health Relationships Talk About It ProgramTalk About It by Life Ed Qld is designed to help support students explore the concept of identity, develop safe and respectful relationships, and understand and manage the physical and emotional changes that occur during puberty. 

Developed with the support of Queensland Health, Talk About It supports schools to deliver curriculum aligned education in the areas of relationships, identity and puberty.

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Talk About It

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