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Life Education Queensland Healthy Harold podcast Dr Judith Locke

Dr Judith Locke

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Judith Locke is a registered clinical psychologist, former teacher, school counsellor and workplace trainer. She is the director of Confident and Capable ®, a company specialising in psychological training solutions for parents, children, teachers, and other employees. Judith also provides clinical assistance to families and individuals in her private practice in Toowong, Queensland.

Judith has undertaken research at the Queensland University of Technology investigating modern parenting, family wellbeing, and the interaction of parents and students with academic environments. Her psychological commentary features regularly in the media, including a weekly parenting column for The Sunday Mail. She is a member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and the APS College of Clinical Psychologists.

Judith’s first bestselling book, The Bonsai Child, discusses problems with current well-meant parenting practices and shows parents practical ways to turn their situation around. Her latest book, The Bonsai Student, looks at modern parenting’s impact on children’s school experience and gives parents useful and realistic strategies to ensure their children develop the confidence, capability and independence in their studies that will give them the best chance of future success and satisfaction in their work and personal lives.

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