Share important information with these email templates!

Having Life Education Queensland visit your school is an exciting experience, and one which you will want your teachers and colleagues to support. Keeping them well informed is the first step to a smooth and rewarding visit, which is why we have developed these suggested email templates.

To use the template below, simply copy and paste the text into the body of your email – taking care to add the information such as visit dates for your school. Then, simply hit send!

Email Template

Upon booking

Dear teacher, 

I am excited to announce that we have secured a visit from Life Education Queensland for our school this year. 

Healthy Harold and the Life Education Queensland van will visit our school between [Insert Date] to [Insert Date] inclusive. Further information regarding the visit, including module selection for your class and permission forms, will be forwarded to you in the coming weeks. 

Life Education Queensland are at the forefront of child health and wellbeing education and are the largest health promotion charity in the state. They provide age appropriate health and safety education to students from prep to high school. This is sure to be an exciting and memorable educational experience for our students! 

If you would like to discover more about Life Education Queensland, you can visit their website at To read more about their programs, please click here. You can also keep up with all of the latest news by following Life Education Queensland on Facebook.

Kind regards, 

[Your name and details] 

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