Donate today and help combat cyberbullying.

Unlike old fashioned bullying – cyberbullying doesn’t stop at the school gate. Advances in technology and the prevalence of smart phones, means that bullies can continue to torment their victim long after the school bell has rung – even in their own home.

By donating today to Life Ed Qld, you can help to fight cyberbullies. Your donation, will provide young Queenslanders with the skills and knowledge they need to keep themselves safe from harm.

Donate TODAY and help combat cyberbullying!

Life Ed Qld relies on the support of people just like you to fund our vital health and safety program. Please help us keep young Queenslanders healthy and safe from harm.

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Refund Policy – Donations.
Please consider carefully whether you wish to make a donation. We do not give refunds unless you believe you have mistakenly made a donation. In this case please write to us immediately advising of the circumstances of the mistake or error and the reasons for your refund request. Please note we do not give refunds for donations made more than thirty (30) days prior to the date of a refund request. An administration fee may be charged to process your refund request. Please contact us for further information.”