Wednesday, September 2019
Personal safety skills for children are vital to their overall health and wellbeing.

We all want our children to stay safe from harm; however, no parent can be with their child every minute of every day. We must, therefore, do our best to empower our children with the skills and knowledge they need to respond safely to difficult situations in the absence of a parent or trusted guardian.

Talking to your child about personal safety can seem daunting to many parents; however, it is important to your child’s health and wellbeing to have these conversations.

Strategies to keep your child safe.

personal safety for children guideThere are some very easy steps parents can take to help their child stay safe in a variety of difficult situations. By helping your child to define what ‘safe’ means to them and by learning some simple safety strategies, your child will be better equipped and feel more confident to respond to situations where they feel unsafe.

Key personal safety concepts to discuss with your child include:

Remember to also take advantage of teachable moments throughout the day. Repetition is essential to ensure your child retains key concepts, so the more frequently you can repeat this information or practice it, the better!

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