As you may remember, moving from Year 6 to 7 is a pretty big step – in fact, it’s more of a leap.

A research study led by Life Ed found that a significant proportion of Australian students feel underprepared and scared about the transition to secondary school, with many wanting more guidance to demystify the transition, including better preparation in Year 6 and longer support in Year 7. This is why we’ve created Guide To Thrive.

Designed for teachers and parents and carers of Year 6 and 7 young people, Life Ed’s evidence-based Guide to Thrive is a change tool kit that will arm students with the survival skills, expert knowledge and creative inspiration to help them thrive in secondary school and beyond.

Guide to Thrive includes three sections

  1. Teacher professional development modules (mapped to AITSL teaching standards). We recommend that teachers complete this first
  2. Practical classroom activities for Teachers (transforming research into practice). Embeds learning from professional development into practice
  3. Complementary resources for parents and carers. Supporting parents and carers to talk to their young people and how to gather necessary information

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Inspire students to leap into Year 7. Visit the Life Ed Guide To Thrive website for further resources here.

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