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What is Stand Up for Respect?

Stand Up for Respect by Life Ed is a whole of school bullying prevention pilot program for primary school students in Grades 5 and 6.

Developed in partnership with Social Marketing @ Griffith UniversityStand Up for Respect supports schools to enhance their own bullying prevention efforts by implementing a variety of evidence-based initiatives.

With a long-term goal of reducing domestic violence in Queensland, Stand Up for Respect empowers students to advocate for respectful relationships for themselves and others. It is designed to help students recognise and respond to bullying situations of all kinds, whether physical, verbal, social or online.

Your School's Commitment

All schools participating in the Stand Up for Respect pilot program commit to four interventions:  

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1. Two Stand Up for Respect classroom sessions, delivered by a Life Ed Queensland Senior Educator

2. Two classroom lessons led by the classroom teacher, using resources provided by Life Ed

3. A selection of school community activities that build on the school’s existing efforts to prevent bullying

4. Sharing key messages with the school community, promoting awareness and understanding of bullying prevention.

Stand Up for Respect Program Initiatives

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Stand Up for Respect Modules

Life Ed delivers two memorable and fun learning experiences in Grades 5 and 6 classrooms. These sessions are designed to give students the knowledge and skills to recognise bullying behaviours and to stand up for themselves and others.

Teacher-led Lessons

School teachers lead two short lessons in their classrooms with easy-to-use Life Ed resources to reinforce students’ learning and the application of their new knowledge!

Media Resources

Life Ed provides schools with a selection of media resources, including newsletter articles and social media templates, to extend the reach of bullying prevention efforts within the school community.

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School Community Activities

With 1 in 3 Queensland children experiencing bullying, Stand Up for Respect schools empower parents and teachers to manage bullying concerns through:

1. The Life Ed Playground Club for students hosted at the school

2. Stand Up for Respect teacher high-visibility vests

3. Bullying Prevention Parenting Support seminars/webinars

4. Bystander training for teachers, delivered through our partnership with MATE

5. Network meetings for all school staff

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Social Impact Measurement Network of Australia (SIMNA) 

Life Ed Queensland’s innovative Healthy Eats pilot program won the prestigious 2019 SIMNA Award for Outstanding Collaboration in Social Impact Measurement. This award recognises the real and measurable difference achieved by the Healthy Eats program in target schools across Cairns, Townsville and Mackay. 

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