Our program helps young Queenslanders to have a safer and healthier future.

Sadly, some children grow up making choices that lead to a life of chronic disease, disability, drug dependency and mental health issues. That’s why the work of Life Ed is so important.

“Education is the most powerful weapon.”

~ Nelson Mandela

At Life Ed, we believe in prevention through education – and it works.

During the last 20 years, the reduction in rates of smoking in Queensland means that there are now 300,000 Queenslanders who have avoided an early death.

Together, we can make a massive difference to keep our children healthy and safe as they make choices for the future.

The Facts.

Health and wellbeing education for children is vital, not only to their long-term future, but can make a substantial difference to their ability to learn and interact effectively with teachers, peers and family.

The Life Ed program offers a sequential, age appropriate program that spans from the early years to secondary school, providing schools and teachers with a best practice curriculum aligned program that they can also implement in the classroom, and that parents can support in the home.

Make a difference in the lives of children today.


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