West Moreton mother-of-two Katie, 35, loves how the Life Ed program has influenced two generations of her family.   

The Life Ed program was life changing for me,” Katie says. “Now my son is doing Life Ed at his school. I’m quite excited he is learning about consent. 

We’ve had domestic violence in previous family relationships, and so he has been aware of things that have not involved consent or been appropriate. I think it’s important to have that message taught in an environment where he is safe and to understand what he has seen in the past wasn’t consent and it’s not okay. 

Katie And Son

I wish no child had to experience violence, but to have that message being backed up and taught to the kids is really important. 

Social and emotional learning

Katie is pleased the Life Ed program empowers children’s social and emotional learning as well as their physical health and safety. She believes it’s vital that today’s kids are equipped with skills for emotional regulation, along with cybersafety education, and strategies to build respectful relationships. 

I’m a single mum, so the pressure to try to juggle it all and make sure you are teaching children everything you need to teach – it can be extremely hard,” Katie says. 

Getting the message across to our children and then giving us the information to read up on as well, helps parents reinforce the right messages. Safe relationships, cyberbullying and consent – these are all important issues. It was very different when we were growing up.  

Having an organisation such as Life Education coming into schools and being able to teach those messages, plus the resources that you provide for parents as well, it’s really important to know that that’s there.