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Prevention through health education has never been more important than it is right now, both in terms of physical health and social/emotional wellbeing.

We are committed to helping you throughout the current crisis, which is why we have launched Life Education @ Home. Our online learning platform includes a suite of interactive lessons, resources and tips for teachers and parents that will support children’s health and wellbeing, as well as your own.



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With eight interactive Life Education lessons, a suite of educational resources and tips, and a series of parent podcasts, Life Education @ Home is an important resource to support teachers and parents throughout the Coronavirus pandemic.

Coping with stress and anxiety, overcoming isolation from friends and family, staying healthy and active, communicating respectfully and openly, as well as being safe online, are just some of the topics now available via Life Education @ Home.

My Body Matters - Prep & Grade 1

Life Education Queensland Healthy Harold Online Learning My Body MattersJoin Healthy Harold to discover the importance of personal hygiene, healthy food choices, physical activity and ways to stay safe.

Harold and his friends want to look their best for photo day at school, but discover that things don’t always go to plan. This module focuses on things children can do to keep themselves healthy including:

  • The importance of personal hygiene
  • Choosing foods for a healthy balanced diet
  • Benefits of physical activity and sleep
  • Ways to keep safe at home, school and in the community

Growing Good Friends - Grades 1 & 2

Life Education Queensland Healthy Harold Online Learning Growing Good Friends At HomeHealthy Harold and his friends teach us the importance of friendship, how our words & actions can make a difference to others, & how nutritious food helps to keep our body healthy.

Harold battles to figure out what to give his grandma for her birthday, until his friends Boots and Red, step in and offer some good ideas. This animated story takes us to familiar surroundings where students can:

  • explore what health messages mean
  • identify safety signs
  • recognise how physical activity and nutrition contribute to a healthy lifestyle
  • explore how positive relationships benefit our health and wellbeing

All Systems Go! Grades 3 & 4

Life Education Queensland Healthy Harold Online Learning All Systems GoJoin the Captain and his team on a fantastic journey in a spaceship through the human body. Discover how vital organs function, the dangers of second-hand smoke, and the factors and choices that influence the way the body works.

Inside a futuristic machine ‘The Venture’, the Captain and his crew take the class on a tour of the human body. Travelling through the blood, the class explores and discovers how magnificent the human body really is. They learn the functions of various body parts and the actions required to keep these systems working well as well as:

  • factors that influence the function of body systems such as exercise and drugs
  • exploring ways to manage peer pressure
  • the effects of second hand smoke
  • the function of vital organs (heart, lungs, brain, kidneys)
  • healthy food choices

Relate Respect Connect - Grades 5 & 6

Life Education Queensland Healthy Harold Online Learning Relate Respect ConnectThis lesson explores building positive, safe and respectful relationships – both online and offline, and strategies to respond to unsafe situations.

One of our Life Education Modules, Relate Respect Connect is a unique, contemporary learning experience that explores building positive, safe and respectful relationships.

Continuing our proud tradition of empowering children and young people to make safe and healthier choices through education, Relate Respect Connect equips students with knowledge, skills and strategies to help them develop safe and respectful relationships – face to face and online.

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