A keen bodyboarder who grew up on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and now a keen member of the Gold Coast Bodyboard Club, Grant Nutter, aged 38, is a proud alumnus of Life Education.

As a married father of two young boys – Louie (6) and Frank (9) – Grant now gets to watch on as his own children get to experience the program just as like he did as a child decades earlier before.

“I remember the Life Ed program at primary school; seeing Healthy Harold in what I like to remember as a futuristic caravan,” Grant said.

“The first few times I went to Life Ed, I learnt about healthy eating and the better types of food to eat as well as learning the importance of being active. In later primary school years, we learned about the effects of smoking and drinking and how they aren’t very good for you.”


Positive changes for lasting impact 

While our core primary school program has evolved over the years to include a range of topical new modules, one thing remains the same – the health, wellbeing and safety of children is at the heart of everything Life Ed does.

Parents like Grant often tell us that the lessons learned in Life Ed sessions lead to positive changes in their children’s behaviour, and better life choices.

“Louie came home from school straight after his Life Ed session and put his Fitbit kids watch on and ran around the yard playing handball trying to get his active minutes and step count up. Frank likes to cook sometimes and told us what ingredients we are putting into our meals and about some of the properties of the ingredients.

“They both learned different ways of keeping healthy, which is great, as we like to share what we do throughout the day. Frank told me he learned about the importance of good nutrition, activity and sleep. Louie said he learned about staying safe at school, and staying healthy by wearing a hat and sunscreen when it’s hot, as well as keeping his mind healthy.

“Personally, I think the Life Ed program is a necessity.

“I see a lot of kids walking around now with their faces buried in screens like phones, tablets, watches etc. When I was growing up those devices either didn’t exist or were only for rainy days or on occasion. I think kids these days need to be much more involved in physical activity.”


Free bodyboarding clinics with a former World Champion!

Thanks to our partnership with Gold Coast Bodyboard Club, we are excited to announce some free bodyboarding clinics during 2023 with none other than Stephanie Petersen – a four-time World Champion and winner of six Pipeline Titles during her time at the top.

All you need to do to join in the fun on the day is turn at up Duranbah Beach at 7am on any of the following dates and ask to speak with Silas Giancar (Club President):


Thanking Gold Coast Bodyboard Club for their support

We’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the club and in particular Club President, Silas Giancar, for your support of our programs.

We are humbled that you chose to include a donation to our charity as part of your registration process this year.

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