Thursday, October 2022

I remember how much I enjoyed visiting Life Ed when I was a child, and now that I’m an adult, I have come to realise how much my own values align with the organisation’s mission.

My first degree was a Bachelor of Social Science and that’s when I became interested in health promotion.

After studying, I worked in a variety of separate roles including event management and fundraising before eventually deciding to complete my Master of Teaching (Secondary).

I spent 18 months teaching in a high school, but my passion lay in the health education field. When I saw the health educator role at Life Ed Queensland, I knew I’d found the right role.

At the end of a session when they are leaving, some students go out of their way to thank me personally for teaching them, or they say, ‘That was really fun!’ That feedback really stays with you.

Life Ed Qld Healthy Harold Meet Educator Niccola

“The best of part of a day are what I call the ‘awe’ moments. I love seeing the children’s reactions when the lights go off, stars come on and they get excited or when you teach students something they didn’t know before and they are really surprised and interested by that information. This is when you can see first-hand just what a significant impact the program has on children.”

Want to learn more about the health and drug education programs offered by Life Ed Queensland? Visit here to find out more information.


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