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Introducing ‘The Inside Story’

Educator Mariana with year 3 students

Somerset College Year 3 students, getting the Inside Story.

Life Ed Queensland’s new module – The Inside Story – has been rolled out this week to an excited Year 3 class at Somerset College. 

Life Ed has proudly been visiting Somerset College for over 10 years – providing their students (and teachers!) with relevant, age-appropriate information on a variety of health and wellbeing topics, such as, healthy eating, cybersafety, social and emotional wellbeing, how smoking and vaping affects the body, and many more.

On the launch of the new module, Life Ed Queensland Program Delivery Manager Sue Osmond said: 

This new program is presented in a news report style format that is fun, interactive, and aimed at inspiring young people to see how amazing and wonderful their bodies are! The Inside Story is all about empowering young people to make important links between health choices and the effects on their bodies and mood.”

The new module sees a team of young scientists shrink Harold and place him inside a tiny capsule.  Harold then travels through the body of ‘Max Questions’ to get the ‘inside story’ about what really happens inside our bodies! 

Students learn about the functions of various body parts and the actions required to keep these systems working well, along with: 

Focusing on how positive lifestyle choices help to maintain internal body systems, students identify and practise strategies to resist pressure from others to maintain personal safety.

Harold & year 6 Somerset School Students

Students and Harold, at Somerset College.

Harold a hit with Somerset prep kids 

Along with our educator Mariana, Healthy Harold made a guest appearance at the school’s weekly assembly, greeted by the screams of hundreds of children. While many students had seen Harold in previous years, the excitement in the room was intense and everyone was so excited to see him again. Students were chanting “Harold!, Harold!”, which inspired Harold to pull out some dance moves which had the students roaring in appreciation. 

Giving her thoughts on the new module, Life Ed educator Mariana said: “The new module is extremely engaging and fun, making learning a natural process. I love seeing children’s excitement when they start to understand what happens inside their bodies.”

The feedback we receive from parents, teachers and children is one way we are able to measure the impact of the Life Ed program. We strive to provide the highest quality educational resources to help empower children to make safer and healthier choices that enable them to thrive not only now but into the future.

A teacher’s perspective

Nick Scott - Somerset School Teacher

Primary School Teacher, Nick Scott, reminisces on his childhood experiences with Life Ed Qld.

Somerset College teacher Nick Scott spoke of his fond memories of the Life Ed program when he was a child.

“I remember when I was in junior school going into the van and meeting Harold – with all the stars on the ceiling! The lessons students learn with Life Ed have transferred to their daily lives here at Somerset College,” Nick said.

Nick believes the way the program has transitioned into the classroom and the relevancy of the messaging is very important. “The messages of keeping ourselves and friends safe and making our own decisions instead of following the crowd remain the same. The program is delivered in a really fun way in the classroom, and the students engage with it differently to how they would with a teacher or parent.”

“Cybersafety is an ever-changing landscape that’s hard to keep ahead of. Having an outside organisation come in to deliver programs in a fun and engaging way for students has been really helpful, and I would 100% recommend every school book Life Education and get onboard.”

A huge thank you to Somerset College for supporting our programs and for your hospitality during our visit!

Wanting to look at our extensive range of modules we offer here at Life Ed QLD?

Head to our website, https://lifeeducationqld.org.au/our-programs/primary-program/ – or send us a message and we can contact you to discuss any areas of concern that you wish to learn more about.


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