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At Life Education Queensland, we’re fortunate to have a community of active supporters who belong to our regular monthly giving program – the Kids Protect Team.

They come from all walks of life … mums, dads, grandparents, retirees, teachers and business owners … each one supporting our vision and mission to educate Queensland children and help them thrive.

Gold Coast couple Kari and Barray (pictured with their two children) are among almost 10,000 Kids Protect Team supporters whose contribution helps us deliver Life Education to young people right across Queensland, even in remote and less advantaged communities.

Life Education Queensland Kids Protect Team Kari Barray

Motivation to join the Kids Protect Team

Kari decided to join the Kids Protect Team a year ago when her daughter came home from Prep excited about what she had learned with the Life Education program.

Kari said Life Education’s commitment to helping children make good decisions via its age-appropriate, educational and fun program sessions inspired her to become a regular donor.

“I think a program that is so committed to helping our children make good decisions is worth supporting,” Kari says.

“For some children, the lessons that are learned may not be modelled, or taught at home, so receiving this education from a specialist external source that comes to their school, is so important.”

Positive behaviour change

Kari says she noticed her daughter became more aware of health, nutrition and hygiene after participating in the Life Education program at her school.

“When I ask her what she would like to have for a snack, she will usually make the conscious decision to choose fruit or a healthy alternative and then she will tell me why this is important. You can see by her actions that the message has been received,” Kari says.

“She will also ask me questions like, ‘Mum, when is my next dentist appointment?’ So, I know she has been listening to what the educator shared via the program.”

Life Education Qld Kids Protect Team Kari Barray

Raising resilient children

Kari says Life Education’s focus on emotional wellbeing, respectful relationships and cybersafety is also a big support for parents.

“During a time when many of us are inadvertently stuck to screens, Life Education facilitates important conversations with our children,” Kari says.

“It opens dialogue about how we would deal with situations that we may never have considered, let alone encountered. We can’t be with our children 24/7, and hearing from someone other than ‘mum or dad’, who reinforces what we teach and model at home, is crucial.”

As a health promotion charity, our work with children is made possible by the support of caring Queenslanders like you. Join the Kids Protect Team today.

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