About Eva Milic – Channel 9 news presenter and journalist

Eva Milic is the popular presenter of Nine’s Gold Coast News. A graduate of St Michael’s College on the Gold Coast, she joined Nine News in 2004 while completing her studies. She has a Bachelor of Business and a master’s degree in journalism and communication.

Throughout her career, Eva has worked as a reporter, weather presenter and anchor of bulletins for the Brisbane News team including the afternoon news for Queensland.

Eva was crowned Miss World Australia in 2001 and was fortunate to meet Nelson Mandela when she competed for the Miss World title in South Africa.


Life Education Queensland Eva Milic Ambassador

A busy mother of two young girls and a sought-after MC, Eva is passionate about being an ambassador for Life Ed Qld and is proud to support our new campaign, the Healthy Harold Hundred.

“Parenting can be pretty tough going, especially in this digital age. Raising happy, healthy, kind and resilient children is my greatest hope… (and I know that’s much easier said than done!) That’s why Life Ed programs have always resonated with me. They’re age appropriate, engaging, and give our kids invaluable lessons on everything from bullying to social media and fostering positive relationships. You know the saying: ‘it takes a village.’ If parents, schools and the Life Ed community can keep working together, I believe, we have the best chance of bringing up well-balanced children.” – Eva Milic – Nine News presenter