The difference Life Ed Qld makes for teachers

Every year Life Ed Qld receive thousands of endorsements from classroom teachers about the quality and impact of our program, the skills of our educators and Healthy Harold of course.

In 2020, Life Ed Qld surveyed more than 4,000 teachers on the program delivered at their school and found:

  • 99.25% recommend their school re-book Life Ed.
  • 99.07% rated the relevance of the content of the program as good to excellent (81.14% rated as excellent).
  • 99.34% rated delivery of the program as good or excellent (89.99% rated as excellent).
  • 98.28% rated the program as a good or excellent resource in supporting teachers.
  • 98.04% rated the quality of the Life Ed support resources as good or excellent.
  • 94.52% agree or strongly agree the Life Ed program met the needs of their students.

Life Education Queensland Healthy Harold Impact For Teachers Health Nutrition Wellbeing


99.25% of teachers recommend their school re-book Life Ed. Book a visit today!

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