Helping kids navigate puberty, sexual health and relationships.

Talk About It, by Life Ed Qld is designed to help support students explore the concept of identity, develop safe and respectful relationships, and understand and manage the physical and emotional changes that occur during puberty. 

Developed with the support of Queensland HealthTalk About It supports schools to deliver curriculum-aligned education in the areas of relationships, identity and puberty.


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Why parents value the Talk About It program

The Talk About It program initiates what can sometimes be a difficult conversation between parents and children. We equip parents and students with the tools to navigate the topic of puberty and more. Listen to what our community has to say.

Why teachers value the Talk About It program

Not only is it beneficial for students to participate in the Talk About It program in a safe space, it also helps remove the awkwardness for teachers, who may feel uncomfortable fielding questions about puberty. Listen to what teachers say.

Although puberty can be a challenging time, when children know what to expect, it empowers their confidence and social and emotional wellbeing. Providing children with the skills they need to navigate this confusing time and to build respectful relationships will support their wellbeing both now and into the future. 

Talk About It is a sensitive and age-appropriate personal development program for students in primary and secondary school that focuses on: 

What Queensland teachers have to say

We surveyed more than 250 Queensland teachers for our 2021 Teacher Feedback: Talk About It Program survey, here is what they had to say:

Delivery of the Talk About It program

All Talk About It sessions are held in the classroom and are delivered by Life Ed’s experienced educators. Sessions include interactive activities and worksheets and provide students with the opportunity to submit anonymous questions via a question box.

The Talk About It program has been designed to meet students where they are in their learning. The Foundation modules introduce students to the foundations of this personal development program and are a precursor to students progressing to the Development modules, where they will consolidate and further develop their knowledge and skills across the core areas of healthy relationships, identity and puberty.

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