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The Life Education podcast series covers topics of raising resilient kids and good nutrition – to how to deal with bullying and keeping kids cybersafe. We look for answers and advice to the big issues that children, parents and teachers are facing today.

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Coping with COVID-19 anxiety: How you and your family can manage the crisis

Covid-19 is one of the biggest events in our living memory – and many parents are extremely anxious about the pandemic: the impact on our health, loved ones, children’s education and finances… not to mention, how the saturation media coverage, is affecting all of our mental wellbeing, particularly our kids. Amid growing anxiety in Australia and overseas, Life Education has produced this special podcast. Host Tracey Challenor chats with leading parenting and wellbeing expert and author Dr Justin Coulson about how to help children navigate one of the biggest challenges of our time. He urges parents to take a deep breath, focus on the positives, keep hold of hope and find the joy in the simple everyday activities that we can enjoy at home with families.

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