• Life Ed Queensland Donation

Gift a $35 tax deductable donation


Your help will make a difference

As a health promotion charity, our work with children is made possible by the support of caring Queenslanders like you.

Your generous donation of $35 allows our specialist educators to deliver 1 hour of Respectful Relationships education.

Children face many threats to their health and safety.

Children will face challenges as they grow up – and need to make choices. Help them to make ones that keep them healthy and safe from harm.

  • You’ll help us work with children and young people through engaging, age-appropriate programs that empower children to eat healthier, exercise more, stay safe online, build respectful relationships, avoid the harms of tobacco, alcohol and illegal drugs, and maintain positive mental health.
  • You’ll help bring our unique programs to life and allow our expert educators to visit more schools across Queensland each year– helping us reach even the remotest rural and regional communities.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible.