Wednesday, October 2023

Harold’s challenge for mental health

According to the 2020 headspace National Youth Mental Health Survey, one in three young Australians say they have experienced high or very high levels of mental health distress, with young people also reporting that this mental health distress had affected their ability to undertake daily tasks over a two-month period.  

These are concerning figures and show an increase in the prevalence of these feelings among young people compared to an earlier survey conducted in 2018. 

Life Ed Queensland recognises mental health distress as a serious issue facing our youth and that’s why we have an increasing focus on delivering programs that teach and promote wellbeing, resilience, respectful relationships, bullying prevention and cybersafety. 

Taking small steps each day to nurture your mental health and wellbeing is an important part of maintaining overall health. 

Queensland Mental Health Week  

Built around the theme – awareness, belonging, connection – this year’s Queensland Mental Health Week 2023 encourages Queenslanders to take an active approach to their mental health by being aware of the steps we can all take to nurture our wellbeing and where to find help if needed, to look out for one another so we feel safe and supported, and to maintain and create connections with others to help stay happy and healthy. 

The Queensland Government’s Dear Mind website has a wealth of information, resources and suggestions regarding actions you can take to look after your mind and overall wellbeing. It’s not necessary to make huge changes; it can be as simple as taking a new route to work or school; taking the dog for a walk; or smiling at a stranger. 

Harold’s Mental Health Week Challenge 

Here at Life Ed Queensland, Healthy Harold has been encouraging young people to be mindful of small actions for better mental health this week. 

Harold recently visited Burleigh Heads and Ormeau State Schools along with good friend and Life Ed Queensland educator Mariana to encourage students, staff and families to adopt a new wellbeing action each day of mental health week. 

Harold shared flyers as families arrived at school reminding students to think about these four simple actions during Mental Health Week: 

Harold's Mental Health Week Challenge Life Ed QLD

While serious mental health issues may require advice from mental health professionals, for many, small regular changes can have a big positive effect on mental health. 

Try incorporating a few mindful mental health habits into your week and see what a difference it can make.  

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