Creating healthier children across Queensland.

Healthy Eats is an innovative program from Life Ed Qld focused on increasing fruit and veg consumption in primary school aged kids.   

Spanning the full school year, Healthy Eats is a contemporary program that works with schools, parents and community partners, to provide a whole school, place-based approach to healthy eating.  

Now in its fifth year, Healthy Eats will focus on delivering nutrition education to schools in the Northern Gold Coast and Southern Logan areas.

Our impact

Recently Healthy Eats underwent an evaluation by Social Marketing at Griffith University to understand the impact the program has had on students and schools who have participated.

Implementation of Healthy Eats within schools:

In summary, participation in the Healthy Eats program had a substantial positive effect on the healthy eating environment in some schools, which was observed particularly in those schools that pursued Healthy Eats accreditation.


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