Join the Life Ed Qld team for a nutrition series on Healthy Habits in four short webinars.

With only 5 per cent of Australian children consuming the recommended average daily intake of vegetables, these tips will help you instil healthy habits in the home for children and adults to be well on the way to increasing or maintaining fruit and veg consumption.

In the Healthy Habits series we discuss topics including:

Session 1 – Nutrients from our food

In this webinar session, Matt Dowling discusses the nutrient travel in our body, wholefoods versus processed foods, and the different types of nutrients our bodies need and where you can get these in your food intake.

Session 2 – Reading nutrition labels

Unsure how to decipher and read nutrition labels? Matt Dowling has you covered in this session as he goes through how to read nutrition labels and tables on food packaging, what to check and how to spot secret ingredients.

Session 3 – Role modelling healthy habits

Want to lead by example for your family? Matt Dowling talks through factors that influence our food choice, positive healthy food environments, and how our choices influence our kids.

Session 4 – Setting healthy goals

In the final session of the Healthy Habits webinar series, Matt Dowling talks through setting healthy goals, creating healthy habits, and how we can set and create these goals.

More healthy eating resources

Looking for more healthy eating and nutrition resources? We have a range of information relating to the Healthy Eats program which has information for parents, carers, teachers and students.

For parents and carers, you can also sign up to our online learning resource, the Life Education Hub to access recipes, nutrition tips, podcasts from experts and much more.