Wednesday, August 2022

As the seasons change so do our appetites – and kids are no different. Suddenly a crisp salad might not quite hit the spot when sitting outside on a cold winter day.

The good news is there are plenty of ways to create a delicious, healthy, hearty and warming lunchbox that the kids can enjoy during the colder months.

If it keeps it cool, it can keep it warm

A thermos and insulated lunchbox are great ways to keep food items warm all the way to lunchtime. Heat up the thermos in the morning by filling it with boiling water and letting it stand for around 5 minutes.

Meanwhile heat up your lunch item in the microwave or on the stovetop so it is quite hot. Pour the hot water out of the thermos and add your hot lunch item immediately. Pack the thermos in an insulated lunchbox and it will still be warm when they are ready to eat!

What works well in a thermos?


Thermos is great for dinner leftovers – curry, Bolognese, vegetable fried rice and veggie mac and cheese left over from last night’s dinner are all delicious the next day and stay warm in a thermos. No leftovers? No worries!

Some quick, easy, and nutritious options are things like soups, such as chicken noodle or pumpkin soup or even a can of baked beans along with a wholemeal dinner roll. Porridge is also a great option and can be sweetened with chopped fruits like apples or pears, mashed bananas or a handful of berries.

A hearty start to the morning

Some great morning tea options that are hearty and filling on a winter’s day, but don’t need to be kept warm, include savory muffins, mini quiches and pasta slice that include ingredients like carrot, corn, cheese, mushrooms, and zucchini.

Check out our savoury muffin recipe for some inspiration.

Winter wraps

Never fear if a morning of heating and de-canting doesn’t sound too appealing, a filling and healthy wrap can be just as inviting on a winter’s day.

Try a wholemeal or multigrain wrap with some chicken, pesto, avocado and tomato or a turkey, hummus, carrot and cheese option. Sushi is another hearty choice – try tuna, avocado and grated carrot or a vegetarian carrot, cucumber, avocado and tofu version.

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