Thursday, October 2020

TAM or Transparent Anatomical Model – the life-sized model used to teach children about how their bodies work – underwent a digital makeover in 2019 and was re-launched as TAM-e.

The new look TAM-e allows students to experience fly-throughs of the human body  via 3-D and augmented reality technology.

Used to train medical staff in anatomy and physiology, the 3-D body software used for TAM-e has been adapted for school-aged children and is the only educational software of its kind in Australia.

Life Education Queensland Tam Transparent Anatomical Mannequin

Why is TAM-e important?

TAM-e allows students to take a virtual look at their own organs in real-time through augmented reality technology, which can spark deeper conversations between educators and students about their bodies and what they can do to keep themselves healthy and safe.

During sessions, educators and students can use TAM-e to explore the nervous, digestive, and respiratory systems while seeing first-hand how substances such as tobacco, alcohol and drugs impact upon  our health and wellbeing.

Designed by renowned model-maker, Richard Rush, the original TAM was considered a revolution in children’s health education. With automated functions and display sequences, TAM was able to explain the inner workings of the human body to all ages – from preschool-aged children right through to adults.

Made up of a series of lighted pathways and elements used to show veins, arteries, bones, muscles and nerves, the original TAM has been an integral part of the Life Education program over the past 40 years.

To ensure our programs and resources are up to date and relevant for children today, creating the digital TAM-e was a logical next step in the evolution of this program favourite.

“Children today live in a very digital and online world. Using this technology to support and extend their learning was a logical next step, and one which will help key health messages resonate with the next generation.” ~ Sharon Lansley, Health Education Manager, Life Education Queensland.

3 best things about TAM-e
  • Children can see how different substances affect the body’s various functions.
  • Through augmented technology, TAM-e enables students to see their own internal organs in real time.
  • Each child receives a photo of themselves using TAM-e.

Life Education Queensland Tam E Tam Body Systems Healthy Harold

The new TAM-e is a game-changer in health education for children. Giving children the ability to clearly visualise the different body systems and observe the effects of various substances using the latest digital technology, helps instil vital  health messages which will stay with children for  a long time to come.

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