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Over time, there are special individuals whose generosity leaves a permanent mark on the lives of others. 

Florence Carr, known fondly as ‘Irene’, was born on November 25th, 1923. This extraordinary soul passed away peacefully in her home on the Gold Coast on November 2, 2012, just days away from her 89th birthday.  

Irene’s life was rich with experiences as she divided her later years between her home on the Gold Coast and a base in San Francisco.  

It was on the Gold Coast that Irene found a cause close to her heart — a cause that would later become her lasting legacy. 

In 2014, Life Ed Qld received a transformative gift from Irene, left in her Will. While the dollar value was significant, the true value of the gift lies in the impact it has since had on countless young individuals across Queensland. 

Irene’s connection to Life Ed Qld was deeply personal.  

A family member’s struggle with drug addiction made her acutely aware of the danger’s children face. Her own heartbreaking experience fuelled her commitment to educating children on how to make safe choices when faced with street drugs and inspired her to leave a lasting gift in her Will to Life Ed Qld.  

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10 years of transformative impact 

Since Irene’s generous gift was received a decade ago, Life Ed Qld has undergone a remarkable evolution.  

In 2013, we engaged 107,000 children in our programs.. Fast forward to 2023, and that number has risen to an astounding 180,000. Irene’s legacy is embedded in these numbers, a testament to her dedication to the wellbeing of Queensland’s youth. 

The Kids Protect Team 

Irene’s gift was also instrumental in the creation of the Kids Protect Team, a rallying force that unites thousands of Queenslanders in supporting Life Ed Qld’s mission. 

Today, the wonderful legacy of Irene lives on through the ongoing dedication of the Kids Protect Team. 

Since 2014, over 2 million Queensland students have been engaged with Life Ed Qld programs, marking extraordinary steps towards creating a healthier and safer generation. 

Irene’s generous gift played a pivotal role in this evolution. Alongside government funding and ongoing community support, these collective efforts have driven Life Ed Qld’s progress and fuelled our ability to make a lasting impact. 

As we reflect on the very special legacy of Florence ‘Irene’ Carr, we’re reminded of the absolutely profound impact one individual can have on the wellbeing of an entire community. 

Irene’s final act of kindness to Life Ed Qld continues to shape our journey, creating a legacy that transforms the lives of countless Queensland children.  

Her story is an amazing testament to the ripple effect of a single act of generosity. 

If you’d like to leave your own lasting legacy to Life Ed Qld, please contact Wayne Evans – Philanthropy Manager on 0499 012 138 for more information.

You can use the Gathered Here platform to start writing your will for FREE and leave a gift to Life Ed Qld. 

More information on leaving a gift to Life Ed Qld in your will can be found here.  

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