Tuesday, January 2024

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In 2024, Life Ed Qld is over the moon to share a collaboration that will help shape a brighter future for Queensland children.

We’ve partnered with Gathered Here, the leading online platform making Will-writing FREE and accessible for all.

In a move to improve supporter experience and make it easier to leave a legacy for your favourite cause, this dynamic partnership aims to empower individuals not only in end-of-life planning, but also in contributing to the health and safety of future generations of young people.

Gathered Here, renowned for simplifying the often-daunting task of Will creation, shares a common goal with Life Ed Qld.

Both organisations understand the importance of proactive planning — whether that means securing a legacy or fostering the health and wellbeing of upcoming generations.

We’re proud of this collaboration that allows Gathered Here users the opportunity to extend their impact beyond immediate circles.

By choosing to leave a gift in Will to Life Ed Qld, individuals can play a vital role in supporting health education programs that empower young minds to make informed and healthy choices.

Free Will-writing with a purpose


Now, you not only have the chance to organise affairs efficiently and make sure your loved ones are taken care of, but also to contribute to a cause that resonates with the wellbeing of communities.

While there’s no obligation for you to leave a gift to Life Ed Qld, when you use the FREE Will-writing service provided by Gathered Here, once your family has been looked after, you will have the option to select ‘Life Ed Qld’ and nominate a gift of a percentage of your estate or a chosen dollar amount.

There’s no minimum or maximum amount, every future dollar pledged really does make a meaningful difference to future generations of Queenslanders.

Why this partnership is so beneficial

Life Ed Qld, with its legacy of promoting health education to millions of young Australians, gains valuable support through this partnership. The contributions from Gathered Here users enable Life Ed Qld to expand its reach, delivering essential programs on bullying, cybersafety, smoking, vaping, and drug awareness to even more young minds.

How you can contribute

For those interested in leaving a lasting impact on both personal legacies and community wellbeing, the process is straightforward.

Users on the Gathered Here platform can explore the option of leaving a gift to Life Ed Qld during the Will-writing process. It’s an opportunity to be part of a forward-thinking movement that transcends individual concerns to embrace the collective responsibility of shaping a healthier future.

As Gathered Here and Life Ed Qld embark on this meaningful partnership, we invite individuals to consider not only the legacy they leave behind for their loved ones but also the legacy they create for generations to come.

To find out more about writing your FREE Will through Gathered Here and helping teach critical like skills to Queensland children for years to come, call Wayne Evans – Philanthropy Manager on 0499 012 138 or you can send him an email here wevans@lifeedqld.org.au

If you would like more information on how to leave a gift for Life Ed Qld in your Will, visit this page.

Or, start writing your Will for FREE with Gathered Here.

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