Wednesday, October 2021

National Nutrition Week by Nutrition Australia is on from the 10th to 17th October, and this year Life Education Queensland and Healthy Eats are getting behind the ‘Try for 5’ theme aimed at encouraging Australian families to add more vegetables to their diet.

Packed full of essential vitamins, minerals and fibre, veggies are essential in supporting healthy growth and development in children but… we also know it isn’t always easy to get kids to eat them.

The stats speak for themselves. Did you know in Queensland in 2020, just 4.6 per cent of children met their daily recommended vegetable intake? And in 2019, only 8 per cent of adults met their daily recommended veggie intake. 

So, to pump up those numbers we’ve come up with a great list of yummy kid-approved vegetable snacks to boost that veggie intake toward the recommended 5 veggie serves a day. 

Easy, tasty veggie snacks in less than 15 minutes

Veggie snacks in less than 30 minutes

Veggie snacks in less than 45 minutes

  • Rice paper rolls – try tofu, grated carrot, shredded lettuce and vermicelli rice noodles.  
  • Pumpkin and cheese scones – add boiled, pureed pumpkin and grated parmesan cheese to a scone mix. 
  • Potato salad – combine chopped boiled potatoes with mayonnaise, egg and peas.  
  • Vegetable chips – slice potato, sweet potato and zucchini, coat lightly with olive oil and bake. 
  • Zucchini slice – mix eggs, flour, grated cheese and grated zucchini together and bake until set.  
  • Roasted chickpeas – drain a can of chickpeas, rinse and pat dry. Coat chickpeas with olive oil and bake on a tray until crispy. Sprinkle with spices (e.g. cumin, paprika).  

Life Education Qld Healthy Harold Lunchbox Snacks Chickpeas

For more recipes, resources, veggie tips and hacks, be sure to visit Nutrition Australia’s Try for 5 website here.

Or check out other recipes on the Life Education Queensland blog here. 


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