Building on a solid foundation.

Building on knowledge gained in Life Ed’s Foundation modules, the Development Talk About It modules further explore and practice key skills and strategies across the three learning areas of identity, puberty and relationships.  Talk About It Development modules address topics including body image, gender stereotypes, strategies for dealing with unhealthy behaviours, consent and personal boundaries.

As a result of overwhelming feedback and requests from schools and community stakeholders, Development also offers schools the opportunity to extend student learning to include human reproduction.

Life Education Queensland Healthy Harold Talk About It Development

Each Talk About It Development module delivered by Life Ed Qld is between 90 and 120 minutes in length and is facilitated within the classroom with the class teacher present. Children are given the opportunity to ask anonymous questions and are strongly encouraged to speak with their parent or caregiver about what they learned during their session. Please visit our Tips for Parents section for information about how to navigate these conversations with your child.


Information for parents

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Discovering Identity

Development Identity

Surviving Puberty

Development Puberty

Navigating Relationships

Development Relationships

Human Reproduction

Development Reproduction