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Complete program pack with lessons – Digital


A 5-week teacher-led wellbeing and resilience program aligned with Years 3 and 4 Health and Physical Education Australian Curriculum.

New in 2023, Harold’s Kind Classrooms Program Pack is a comprehensive collection of program resources. This pack contains links to download lesson plans, classroom resources and the complete student reflection journal, plus 5 extension lesson plans featuring original animations. The Harold’s Kind Classrooms Program Pack is designed to support teachers with their wellbeing lessons. 

The digital program pack includes: 

  • A comprehensive Teacher Guide
  • 3 x Classroom Posters for display
  • The complete Student Kindness Journal
  • 5 x Extension Lesson Plans featuring original Life Ed Queensland Animations + Student Worksheets 
  • Certificate of Completion for Students 

About this product

The Harold’s Kind Classrooms Program Pack available for purchase includes downloadable links to:

  • A comprehensive Teacher Guide with:
    • Daily Routines and Classroom Setup information
    • An introduction to Harold’s Kind Classrooms 45-minute lesson
    • Teacher Lesson reflection sheets
    • 5 x 45-minute lesson plans:
      • Connecting to Kindness
      • Empathy and Compassion
      • Collaboration
      • Self-Awareness
      • Gratitude
  • 3 x Classroom Posters for display
    • Acts of Kindness
    • Kindness Pledge
    • This is a Kind Classroom
  • The Complete Classroom Kindness Student Journal
    • A 25-page (5-week) journal for students to set their daily intentions and afternoon reflections
  • Extension Lesson Plans
    • Featuring original Life Education Queensland Animations
    • Supported by 5 x 25-minute lesson plans
    • These fun and original animations encourage student conversation around empathy and compassion, collaboration, inclusion and respect for others. 
  • Certificate of Completion for Students

Please note: Digital links expire after 2 successful downloads.

Additional resources for purchase include the Superhero Student Kindness Badge 

As part of the daily Kindness routine, each morning students read the Kindness Pledge and set their intentions in their personal journal. Students then put on their Kindness Superhero badge to wear for the day as a reminder that kindness is their superpower!

The badges encourage kind words and actions, to be an example for others and importantly a reminder to be kind to themselves. Please see the product Kindness Superhero Badge for further information.

Teacher Pack Life Ed Queensland

Prefer to order prints?

If you would prefer to order the above Program Pack as a printed product, please refer to Print Order Program Pack Harold’s Kind Classrooms. Life Ed Queensland can organise the professional printing and postage for your convenience. 

About Harold’s Kind Classrooms

Harold’s Kind Classrooms aims to reduce the incidence of bullying by taking a strengths-based approach, using kindness and positive social support as key strategies to motivate behaviour change.  

Harold's Kind Classroom at school Life Ed Queensland

HKC Collaboration lesson with students Life Education QLD

How the Resources Work

The kindness program includes weekly lessons which are delivered by the classroom teacher. All activities are designed to integrate with a school’s established health and wellbeing program with resources and activities to enhance the daily kindness routines.