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Here are some inspirational stories from parents around Queensland

Each term, parents share their inspirational feedback about the Life Ed program. Parents say the valuable messages, knowledge and strategies children gain from Life Ed, instill positive behaviours and choices which have a powerful impact on the whole family.

Katie And Son

Katie's story

As a solo parent, Katie says she feels the pressure to try to juggle it all and make sure she is teaching her son Jacob everything he needs to know. After a traumatic family experience, she’s glad Life Ed is there to help reinforce the right messages about respectful relationships, cyberbullying and consent.

Macelroy Family

Andrew's story

Gaming addiction, online grooming, online bullying and too much screen time… it’s a lot for parents to navigate in our always-on digital world. Busy father-of-four, Andrew is grateful the Life Ed program helped his son Murphy gain tools to stay cybersafe and aware, and learn how to balance his screen time with healthy green time.

Sofia With Brother And Parents

Alex's story

From understanding legal and illegal drugs, to navigating bullying, and changing friendships, Sofia’s mum Alex says the Life Ed program has helped her daughter in so many important ways.