Interview with Marnie and Campo on River 94.9 on 15 May 2020.

Campo: We’ve got guys from Life Education Queensland on the line CEO Michael Fawsitt and Ipswich/Logan educator Jessica Caldwell.

Jessica: Well thank you.

Michael: Excellent mate.

Campo: Now Michael, tough game for you guys during COVID-19, tell us about what Life Education does firstly.

Michael: Well Life Education’s the largest non-government provider of health education kids, so every year about 200,000 Queensland children get the opportunity to learn about health and safety and it’s a program we are delivering more than 600 schools across the state, but of course right now that’s on hold while schools are closed, so we’re having to find creative ways that we can still create impact in the lives of kids.

Campo: Now Jessica you were doing this what what what sort of things are you doing to get the message out to kids during COVID-19?

Jessica: Yeah, absolutely, so while we’re not able to be at school, there’s been some other volunteering opportunities that have come up. So recently a fellow educator and I volunteered at Gailes Community House by collecting food from Foodbank and bringing it back to them that something will be doing on a weekly basis from the time, which is fantastic to be involved with.

Marnie: So obviously I know even with my son and the way he’s learning at the moment there’s a lot of Zoom chats and things like that are you guys doing them as well video calls and stuff like that with the kids that you can reach out to?

Jessica: We’re not doing video calls with the children as such, but we have early the platform called Life Education @ Home where we released some online content that parents, schools and children can access.

Campo: Grouse. Michael are you seeing a lot of people are struggling at this point in time with COVID-19?

Michael: Yeah, look this is a time a lot of people doing it tough right now, and we’ve taken the view was a charity that whatever our staff can do –  we’ve got about 50 staff across Queensland – whatever we can do to support local communities right now is what’s really important. We’ve all got to muck in and support one another and that’s what we’re trying to do, and as well, as Jess mentioned that the online platform we’ve had about 100 schools now register and they’re used to getting the Life Education program at school, this will be the first time they’re able to get Healthy Harold at home and that’s really important that we continue to get that vital health education to kids.

Campo: Yeah my kids ahve seen Healthy Harold. It’s fantastic.

Marnie: Yeah, yeah, yeah, and I think something else other than you know the task of school work, I know my son really hit a wall with it yesterday, he was quite distressed about the whole thing and wanted to go back to school and his normality. He’s really struggling with being away from from that environment maybe something else that is health and talk about those things is is so beneficial for our kids right now because I know they’re sick of seeing oh it’s this maths lesson or it’s this English you know like yeah there has to be a bit of balance.

Jess: Absolutely yeah.

Michael: And there’s such great content on the site too. Everything from cybersafety to how to eat healthy to how to have positive relationships and friendships with others, it’s such a great tool for schools and parents at a time when I reckon they need it the most.

Marnie: Oh absolutely, at the moment while everyone’s sort of not in the one place together so yeah that’s excellent.

Campo: Yeah I reckon all parents get onto it because you know the effects of drugs and alcohol in this time money with with that kids and sex education

Marnie: And they might be seeing things that they’re not sure about, but this can explain things to them where they can maybe go ooo I’m not sure about that ok yeah that is not the right thing or this shouldn’t be happening or that should be happening more yeah absolutely.

Campo: Yeah Michael, once again what is it and where can people go to check it out?

Michael: Ok, so it’s lifeeducationathome.org.au and it takes a minute to register and then away you go and it’s all free. All free content.

Campo: Well that’s fantastic. Well thank you so much locals helping locals are doing a great job guys thank you very much.

Jessica: Thank you.

Michael: Thank you guys.

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