Wednesday, March 2023

Cooking far too much pasta or chopping way too many veggies needn’t be a bad thing! Leftovers make great lunchbox fillers by transforming last night’s roast veggies into today’s lunchtime frittata. 

Using leftovers is also a great way to reduce food waste and save money because you are utilising what you have and heading to the shops less. 

Using leftovers is a fantastic way to help kids reach their five serves a day too, as we are often more likely to use vegetables in our evening meals. The leftover veggies from last night can then be used for lunch, increasing kids’ daily intake. 

How can I use my leftovers you say? 

Never fear, we have included some great ways to give your leftovers new life at lunchtime below. 

Leftover veggies 

Roasted, steamed, or boiled leftover veggies like carrots, broccoli, peas, pumpkin, and potato are all perfect in a lunchtime frittata. Simply chop your cooked veggies into bitesize pieces, add to an egg mixture using milk and low-fat cheese, bake in the oven in a muffin pan until the egg is firm and voila! Instant individual frittatas 

Leftover Veggies

Fried rice 

Last night’s fried rice is just as yummy served cold the next day and the included veggies will also help your kids reach their daily five serves. Make sure you pack the rice in an airtight container ASAP the night before, and keep it in the fridge until the morning. Pack a cold brick next to the rice in the lunchbox too to make sure it stays cold during the day. 

Fried Rice

Spaghetti bolognese muffin 

Leftover spag bol from last night? Easy! Simply oil a muffin pan, combine leftover meat sauce, spaghetti, one beaten egg and some low-fat cheese in a bowl and spoon mixture into prepared muffin tray. Place in the oven for approx. 15 mins or until cheese has melted through. Tip! Let cheese cool before removing muffins from the pan. Now pop into the lunchbox. 

Spaghetti Bolognese Muffin

Fruit smoothie 

Bananas going spotty? Blueberries looking a bit wrinkled? Give them a second life as a delicious smoothie that can be made fresh or pre-mixed, frozen, and put in the kid’s lunchbox as a yummy fruity morning tea snack. Simply blend your fruit, milk of your choice and yoghurt until smooth, ¾ fill a drink bottle with the smoothie mix, freeze overnight, and place in the lunchbox in the morning. Yum!

Fruit Smoothie

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