Last year, a record number of students participated in Life Ed Queensland’s innovative program –Talk About It, the largest relationships and sexual health education program in Queensland.  

Our team of seven educators reached 46,283 students across Queensland, up from 33,085 last year, and delivered 2157 Talk About It sessions, reflecting how much the demand for the program has grown.  

Relationships and sexual health education is a lifelong process of acquiring information and forming attitudes, beliefs and values. It encompasses a range of topics including consent, bodily autonomy, protective behaviours, body image and reproductive health. Schools and parents tell us they want support addressing these topics and starting vital but awkward conversations with young people. Our Talk About It team receives overwhelming feedback in appreciation of the work they do.  

Puberty can start as young as eight years of age for some children. It is a time of big changes, so giving children the facts, reassurance and support helps young people to feel okay about their changing bodies and helps them see puberty as an important and exciting stage of life.

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Talk About It includes eight modules which cover a range of important themes for students from Years 4 to 6, around puberty, respectful relationships and identity. 

Children learn about the physical, social and emotional changes that occur during puberty, along with reproduction, protective behaviours and hygiene. They explore strategies to cope with puberty changes and learn about consent, personal rights and personal boundaries. The program also covers friendships, strategies to resolve conflict, self-esteem, body image, stereotypes, peer pressures, identity, diversity and inclusivity.  

Program Delivery Manager Sue Osmond says helping young people to develop a positive view of themselves is fundamental to their ability to engage effectively with their world.  

Young people need a sense of belonging; they need facts and strategies to cope with changes through adolescence, and support to develop confidence in themselves through this important time.  

We are excited for our Talk About It team to continue to grow as we continue to develop content and support our young people right across the state. 

What parents say  

Parents also appreciate how the Talk About It program gives young people confidence by presenting puberty facts in an age-appropriate way and destigmatising the changes experienced during puberty.  

He has been asking a lot more questions about life and bodies, being healthy, respecting each other, and other topics, which is amazing, because Life Education has helped him, where perhaps as parents, we might not have brought up that topic, so it’s answered so many questions for everyone in our house. 

Erin has been more open about discussing the changes that will happen as she is getting into her teenager years. Erin has also learnt that this is all normal and all of her friends and peers are going through the same thing, and she is not alone at all. 

He’s more patient and understands he’s going through puberty. He controls his emotions better.