About Kate Di Prima – Dietitian

Kate Di Prima is a leading Australiadietitian and nutritionist and is passionate about the health of families and educating future generations.

She’s regarded as an expert in treating children who are fussy and picky eaters and has authored and co-authored several cookbooks, including More Peas Please: Solutions for Feeding Fussy Eaters. Kate has been a spokesperson for Dietitians Australia for 20 years and is the Queensland representative to the National Board of Nutrition Australia.

A sought-after speaker, she also regularly contributes to major media outlets on nutrition topics and works with industry groups, early learning centres and government agencies on various nutrition projects 


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Kate Di Prima talks all things nutrition from why kids aren’t eating enough greens, to managing fussy eaters and dealing with allergies, and responding to the obesity epidemic. Listen to the 'Growing happy little veggie-mites' podcast.

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