When it comes to delivering the Life Education program across our vast state, there’s virtually no community too far or remote for our educators to reach. And that’s important, because we believe every child should have access to vital education about health, safety and wellbeing, regardless of their circumstances or where they live.

For educators Brad and Sue, who recently travelled to Western Cape College in Yupanguthi country, Weipa, it wasn’t what you would call your average commute to work.

Brad and Sue were lucky to even arrive in Yupanguthi country, as the roads had only recently opened after the wet season. Travelling 1,486km from the Gold Coast to Cairns, then another 622km from Cairns to remote Weipa, it was well worth the plane trips to deliver the Life Education program to eager students from Prep to Year 6.

The educators covered a variety of the primary drug and health programs while visiting Western Cape College, from lessons including My Body Matters and Growing Good Friends, to Harold’s Diary, All Systems Go and Decisions. With school incursions a rare treat in remote areas, the students were engaged and excited.

Healthy Harold was there to help facilitate some lessons while the students learned about topics including healthy foods and good nutrition, the benefits of physical activity, safe people and actions to help make good decisions, and the effects of alcohol and cigarettes.

Life Education Queensland Healthy Harold Weipa Visit Tam E

Sue and Brad also found time to complete their daily steps for the inaugural Life Education Queensland Healthy Harold Hundred, fundraising challenge to stamp out bullying. With plenty to explore in and around the town, they had no trouble reaching the daily five-kilometre target. The educators enjoyed the beautiful coastline and stunning sunrises and sunsets, and of course, being in far North Queensland trying to spot the difference between a croc or a rock!

Learn more about the Life Education primary program delivered in schools across Queensland here.

Life Education Queensland Healthy Harold Weipa Visit Walking

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