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24 September 19

Mark Bailey MP newest Ambassador

20 September 19

Wide Bay school kids access vital Life Education

05 September 19

How to create a safety plan with your child

04 September 19

A parent’s guide to personal safety for children

03 September 19

Having conversations with your children about personal safety

02 September 19

Lily’s Story

27 August 19

27 Years at Chapel Hill!

09 August 19

School garden grant grows good habits

01 August 19

Brisbane MP Di Farmer welcomed as Ambassador

24 July 19

Funding partnership extends program

16 July 19

New ambassadors support Life Education Queensland’s work in schools

12 July 19

North Queensland kids grow good habits with new Healthy Eats program

26 June 19

Smoking still harming millions as older Australians struggle to kick the habit

26 June 19

Queensland Government announces major funding boost for Life Education

01 March 19

Queensland Premier helps celebrate 40 years of Life Education

11 January 19

Pill testing – let the evidence speak for itself.

05 October 18

Lessons I learnt from sobriety

28 September 18

How ‘a few quiet beers’ led to addiction

09 July 18

How teachers can support students to make safer decisions

13 June 18

5 ways to get your child to eat more veggies

17 December 17

Healthy Harold, Healthy Me App