Healthy Eats Accreditation

Open to all current Healthy Eats schools, the Healthy Eats Accreditation Program recognises the effort and commitment shown by schools in creating aenvironment that supports and encourages healthy eating. 

Schools must meet 10 accreditation criteria in order to become an accredited Healthy Eats school and official partner of Life Education Queensland. 

Once accredited, schools will be able to promote their achievement both internally and externally and will receive a suite of great rewards – including a grant of up to $1000 to support the schools healthy eating journey. 

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2021 Healthy Eats Accreditation Criteria

  1. A Healthy Eats session is delivered annually by Life Education Queensland to all Year 5 classes.  
  2. All Year 5 classes participate in the Healthy Eats Passport Competition.
  3. The school Tuckshop is Smart Choices compliant and the school provides food and drink consistent with Smart Choices at school organised events.  
  4. The school provides healthy eating information to families through a variety of mediums including newsletters, social media, information sessions etc.  
  5. The school has a healthy food and drink policy.
  6. There is an established Healthy Eats Student Leadership Team who run school activities that encourage students to eat more veggies and fruit. 
  7. All classroom teachers have attended a Healthy Eats in-service professional development session.
  8. The school has a well-maintained vegetable garden. 
  9. All classes provide a daily Brain Break (vegetable and fruit break) for students 
  10. All classes display an Australian Guide to Healthy Eating and Frankie Fresh poster. 

Accreditation Rewards

Schools who achieve accreditation receive a suite of rewards including: 

Plus, many more! 

A full list of rewards and details, along with the accreditation terms and conditions can be accessed via The Life Education Hub. Rewards are subject to change without notice.

*Grant amounts are determined by student population between Prep and Year 6.

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